GHI-RTA Kitchen Cabinets

GHI-RTA Kitchen Cabinets

GHI Kitchen Cabinets

GHI’s custom cabinets and vanities feature high-quality, all-wood construction—in classic styles that complement any kitchen or bathroom.

Since 2001, GHI has grown to become one of the largest importers of cabinets in the U.S., with two fully-equipped factories.

Over the last decade, GHI has built a reputation for superior quality and exceptional style. You can rely on GHI's premium materials and strict quality control practices for the finest kitchen and bathroom furnishings.

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The estimated Delivery lead time for GHI cabinets is 7-10 Business Days

Please note all illustrations depict a very general concept of what the item really is. Please read description carefully before placing order to ensure it is the item you will be purchasing.

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